Announcing The Next Edition of @APIStrat Set For October In Boston
We are pleased to announce the next edition of API Strategy & Practice (APIstrat) conference with that  opening of the call for talks. We are plannin gthe one for October 19-21, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. The deadline for submitting talk proposals is midnight, May 20th, 2016, so make sure and get to work on your talk. We are focusing in on three tracks for this edition: API Technology: Deep technology which advances the state of the art of APIs. Areas can include, but are not limited to: design, security, frameworks, formats, architectures, protocols and theories which enable APIs. API Best Practice: Sector or company specific API best practice - these talks can cover a specific API program and what was learned by running it. The best practice can be technical or business related. Sessions at previous conferences have included Music, Media, Finance, Education, Government, Internet of Things and many others. The Business of APIs: talks on the business elements of APIs - from marketing and business models to community building and business transformation through APIs. We are looking for the following types of talk submissions: Cutting edge technology (frameworks, innovations, tooling)  Real world experiences (big enterprise, fintech, health care, government)  Productization of APIs (marketing, evangelism, business models, API product management)  APIs for non-developers (experiences, tools, applications, processes) Specific topics include, but are not limited to: API Design and Governance  Hypermedia  API Testing and Monitoring  API Documentation  API Management  API Marketing/Evangelism  API Product Management  Post Deployment / API Operations  Internet of Things (IoT)  Protocols (Beyond HTTP)  Microservices  API Consumption  Security Testing and Tools  APIs for Bots and Messaging When submitting please remember:  Please, no product pitches. Try to fit into the topics above. If you feel the need to go outside these guidelines, please explain why the topic is key. And lastly, avoid generic, high level talks - we want to dig deep and get insights. We're looking forward to your submissions. If you have any questions, feel free to submit the contact form for the site, or email us directly at [email protected]. In 2016, we are only doing one APIStrat, so make sure you don't miss this opporutnity, as we bring together the community to talk about the topics that matter most to the space.
A Deep Dive into API Business Models at APIStrat Austin
At APIStrat Austin, we have a whole session track dedicated to exploring API business models. At previous events, we have had main stage panels, individual presentations and fireside chats that outlined the value of defining a business model for an API, but this time we take a deep dive into how startups, growing businesses, and established enterprises are all documenting and defining the business model around their APIs. API providers are finding that as their customer relationships grow, and their API products evolve beyond an initial lean startup approach of figuring out what works, they now need clearer models that can scale with their overall business. read more
The APIStrat Austin Schedule Is Up!
The schedule for APIStrat Austin has taken a little longer than expected this round, with the events team having to making some very hard decisions about which talks are accepted, and saying no to some amazing talks and speakers. We have also been working overtime to bring up our diversity numbers, sticking to our mission to make the leading community API event as inclusive as possible. In addition to the numerous keynotes, panels, and fireside chats (which we will cover in later posts), we've broken out the talks we've received into the following session tracks: read more
Make Sure And Book Your Room For APIStrat Austin Before They Are Gone
Now that the schedule is up for APIStrat Austin 2015, the rush is on, make sure you get registered before it sells out, as we only have limited space for this edition. Also make sure you get your room booked at the Sheraton Austin Hotel At The Capitol, as there are limited rooms available--using the link provided will get you the conference discount. Of course ,there are many other amazing hotels to choose from in Austin, TX: read more
APIStrat Austin to Host a New Live Show From the Traffic and Weather Podcast Team
The API podcast Traffic and Weather returns for the third time to APIStrat this November with a new show broadcast live from the event.  Hosted by John Sheehan (Runscope) and Steve Marx (Dropbox), Traffic and Weather is a witty and engaging roundup of API breaking news and current practices, with clever insights and clear pointers to must-reads across the API landscape. Having hosted crowd-pleasing shows at APIStrat in San Francisco and Chicago, Traffic and Weather will bring their third APIstrat show to Austin. Their live podcast from our main stage gets the audience buzzing and generates great talking points and discussion amongst delegates for the rest of our event. We are excited and grateful to welcome John and Steve back again. read more
APIStrat: An Inclusive Conversation
Read our round-up of some of the challenges, controversies, and solutions being discussed to address the lack of diversity in tech (and at tech conferences). Here’s what API Strategy and Practice Conference is going to do about it. Join our API conversation on inclusion and diversity… While API Strategy and Practice has had a Code of Conduct aimed at encouraging fairness and a welcoming environment for all, for our Austin event we are also introducing a Diversity Statement (link when live). read more
Announcing Two New Keynotes For Austin 2015 From Ashley Hathaway of IBM Watson Group and Lori MacVittie of F5 Network
We are pleased to announce two new keynotes for APIStrat Austin 2015. We have been looking for new keynotes that reflect the growing conversations going on across the API space, we feel these two keynote speakers represent this mission. APIStrat is always looking for honest stories from the people who are in the trenches at leading companies, and as we were looking through call for papers submissions, we though Ashley's story stood out. We are please to invite her to the main stage for Austin. read more
You Have 24 Hours Left To Submit Your Talk For APIStrat Austin
There is a little more than 24 hours left for you to submit your talk for APIStrat in Austin, TX, this November 18th, 19th, and 20th. With this sixth edition of APIStrat, we are taking things back to our roots, and not choosing a theme, but making it a conversation about the most important topics in the space facing API providers and consumers in 2015.  From looking at the talks that have been submitted so far, API definitions, design, and Internet of Things seems to be leading the pack. We've also seen a couple session talk submissions that we think are probably more worthy of being keynotes, because they are just that good. The APIStrat team feels like 400 people is the sweet spot when it comes to having a productive API discussion, so we chose a venue that fits this vision, which will most definitely sell out. Check out the sponsors who have already lined up, and we have only announced two keynotes (more coming this next week). Make sure and submit your talk before tomorrow night, so that you are part of the conversation. Also, make sure you jump in and  sponsor the event, as we are already looking at closing off one tier of sponsorship--contact us today if you want to get in on the action. We'll see you in Austin! 
@APIStrat Announces First Keynotes, Speakers, and Sponsors For November 2015 Event in Austin
Today, the API Strategy & Practice Conference announced first keynote speakers Neha Sampat, CEO of and enterprise thought leader Dion Hinchcliffe along with early public sponsors of the event including 3scale, Walgreeens, Klout, SmartBear, Akana, Cloud Elements and AnyPresence. The semi-annual API Strategy & Practice Conference is dedicated to bringing together leading speakers and practitioners in the API Industry. This sixth edition of the event, taking place November 18-20, will continue the conversation with talks, workshops and discussions on current challenges and opportunities in the API space. read more
APIStrat Austin 2015 Ticket Sales and Call for Papers Now Open
As the API economy gathers steam, the API Strategy & Practice Conference today announced its next North American event will be held in Austin, Texas, November 18-20, 2015. The conference is co-organized by 3Scale and API Evangelist and is dedicated to sharing, informing and learning about the rapidly growing API industry and marketplace. The event will include talks, panels and keynotes with over 80 speakers covering diverse topics from API security and design, to business models, operations and marketing. read more
Announcing APIStrat Austin 2015
It is time for the next APIStrat experience, and after an exciting, sold out APIDays Berlin & APIStrat Europe 2015 in Berlin, we are moving the conversation to Austin, Texas. We are pleased to officially announce APIStrat Austin 2015, at the Sheraton Austin Hotel At The Capitol, this November 18th, 19th, and 20th 2015. read more
Berlin SpeedHack Wrap-up
We've hold our third edition of the SpeedHack last weekend during APIDays/APIStrat Berlin. We had a lot of fun! We had lined up a great selection of sponsors to offer hackers nice challenges to solve. In only 3 hours hackers had to solve 9 API challenges on a variety of subjects. With about 40 contestants and despite the great weather of this Saturday afternoon in Berlin, we are sure everybody had fun. read more
Hypermedia APIs from Sebastien Cevey of the Guardian at API Days Berlin Next Week
The most important stories told across the API space, the ones that have the biggest impact on API providers, and ultimately API consumers, are the stories that come out of the trenches of the API operations at the leading public API providers. This is why 3Scale and API Evangelist started APIStrat, and what the audiences over the last 3 years of operating APIDays and APIStrat have consistently requested--more stories from the trenches. read more
APIDays/APIStrat: Birds Of A Feather
What's that -- you may ask. Birds of a Feather (BoF) according to wikipedia was first coined at an IETF computing conference in the 60s. It is basically an informal forming of groups with similar interests to discuss particular topics in a casual environment. read more
Two Days Until End of Mid-Price Tickets At APIDays Berlin @ APIStrat Europe 2015
We are approaching the two week mark for APIDays Berlin @ APIStrat Europe 2015, April 24th and 25th. The lineup has come together, take a look at the schedule, the list of speakers, and of course our sponsors. There are too may keynotes, fireside chats, panels, and session to reference individually, as well as the developer track, and speed hack. This is just the schedule for the two day conference, and doesn’t touch on the conversation in the halls in between, and over drinks and dinner in the evening. read more
Customize your Cocktail at APIDays/APIStrat powered by Foodpairing
We have something fairly unique and really cool to announce: We will have an API-driven Cocktail machine at APIDays/APIStrat provided by Foodpairing®. Foodpairing® started about 10 years ago to support chefs in their search for new flavors. Through an algorithm that predicts good ingredient matches based on the flavor properties of the ingredients, Foodpairing was able to accelerate the recipe creation at some of the best restaurants in the world e.g. the Fat Duck (UK), Mugaritz (ES),... As this algorithm is based on a complete scientific flavor characterisation of each ingredient rather than based on the mining of existing combinations, a whole new range of never explored combinations arose. Other the last 10 year Foodpairing® created the largest flavor database in the world including taste, aroma and texture. read more
Heart Of The API Economy: Finance & Payments Talk At @APIDays / @APIStrat in Berlin
One of the fastest growing areas in APIs last year, was in the payment API arena, and in 2015 banking, and other financial APIs are looking to do the same. This year its not just about payments, the discussion is across all aspects of the financial landscape, from banking to retirement planning, and market trading. One in five conversations I have about APIs lately, is with a financially focused organization, either about their approach when entering the API arena, or how to fine tune their existing approach to be more in alignment with the modern API movement. To talk about this heart of the API economy, we’ve brought together three speakers from a perse range of companies: read more
Architecture, Scalability and Microservices At @APIDays / @APIStrat in Berlin Next Month
Your company is committed to APIs, now, how do you actually wire everything together, deploy the necessary architecture, and achieve the scalability you will actually need to find success. There is a lot more to delivering stable, healthy, scalable APIs than just launching your RESTful API endpoints. Come to Berlin and learn from the people who are scaling some of the most used APIs available today. Along the way, learn about the latest architecture, and approaches, from real-time to micro services. We have four speakers, coming together with a wide range of perspectives to help you better understand API architecture, scalability, and how microservices fits into the big picture. read more
The Schedule For APIDays Berlin & APIStrat Europe 2015 Is Up
Over the last week, the schedule for APIDays Berlin & APIStrat Europe 2015 has come into focus. There are currently 55 speakers, in 20 separate keynotes, fireside chats, panels, and session—in addition to the developer track and speed hack. We are bringing together the best speakers from the U.S., across Europe and Germany to share their API stories. Here is what the breakdown of the session tracks are looking like: read more
SpeedHack #3 is coming to Berlin
After two successful editions in Chicago and in Paris, we are bringing SpeedHack to APIDays+APIStrat Berlin. SpeedHack is a new franchise of hackathons of a new genre as we wrote in an earlier post here. Hackers have only 3 hours to solve code challenges suggested by our API partners. The team that solves all the challenges -- plus some extra challenges -- wins the global prize! read more
API Design Session At @APIDays / @APIStrat in Berlin This April With @orliesaurus, @davidgarry6, and @jharmn
API design is one of the most important aspects of the API lifecycle in 2015. It is one of the fastest growing areas, reflects the most pressing issues that face API providers, and is poised to lead almost every other stop along the API lifecycle. When you think about API design, think the drummer in a rock band--API design will set the beat for everything  that happens, at every stage of an APIs life. Your API design decision have the potential to affect every other aspect of API operations from testing and monitoring, to support and documentation. The best way to minimize mistakes along the way, and maximize API design success, is to learn from leading API design experts across the space, at intimate API focused events like API Days / APIStrat in Berlin this spring. read more
The API Days / APIStrat Session Schedule For Berlin Germany, April 2015
We are approaching the 60 day window for API Days / APIStrat Berlin, and it is schedule time. The team (which has grown), has deliberated for weeks now, working our way through the huge number of talks submissions we received, and are happy to finally have reached a version 1 draft for the schedule in Berlin, this April 24th and 25th, 2015. Here is how the schedule breaks out for the API conversation on Friday, April 24th: read more
Tickets Now Available For API Days - APIStrat Berlin
The time has come to open up ticket sales for API Days - APIStrat Berlin, this April 24th and 25th. This is the first round of early-bird tickets available for the joint API industry conference put on by both API Days and APIStrat in Germany this spring. As we have done with past events, we will be rolling out tickets in waves, but if you want to get the best deal for tickets—now is the time. This version of the conference will only be two days, and seats will be much more limited than before, so make sure you get in on the action early, and get registered now. read more
Picking Up Momentum in 2015 For APIStrat Berlin With 3 New Speakers
As we enter 2015, it is time to start picking up the momentum, in preparation for APIStrat Berlin, this April 24th and 25th. We are pretty excited about some of the talk submissions we received, if you haven’t submitted yours, it is still open—submit soon! We are still processing talks as they come in, but we have three new speakers to add to the line-up. read more
Pushing The WebRTC Conversation Forward With Respoke And APIStrat
I just finished reviewing the web communications platform Respoke, who was one of our silver sponsors who were responsible for making sure the APIStrat conversation in Chicago happened this last September. APIStrat is all about pushing forward the API conversation, with an event in the spring, and another in the fall, bringing together API leaders to discuss the topics facing the industry. 3Scale and API Evangelist started doing APIStrat to provide a forum where these vendor and product neutral discussions can occur. This is why we engage with API providers like Respoke, who bring their deep technical knowledge of web communications, and standards like WebRTC, and the stories of how they are applying APIs within their company. read more
Thank You Chicago For Making APIStrat A Success
We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who made @APIStrat Chicago such a success. Thank you to our sponsors, speakers, and to the 3Scale API Infrastructure team. Without all of these people working together, the open conversation about the API space, that is @APIStrat would never happen. read more
APIStrat 2014 - DAY 1
Today's been a long and fun day at APIStrat! We've officially kicked our 2014 conference this morning with keynotes from Julia Ferraioli, Joshua Greenough and Andrew Nacin. We've had some mind blowing moments and a bit of API psychology: read more
As APIStrat Chicago Kicks Off, APIStrat Europe And US for 2015 are In The Works - We Want Your Input!
Attendees are deep in workshops on the first day if this year’s APIStrat and it’s going to be an awesome event! So many great speakers, sponsors and attendees talking APIs. After the fourth event we’re stoked at the community support and the great conversations that happen, so we’re happy to announce first of all the next APIStrat in Europe which will be in held in Berlin, Germany in late April or early May - dates to follow! Secondly, we’re also announcing a community call for input on where to host next year’s fall APIStrat 2015! We’ve had loads of location suggestions and we’d love to figure out the places people would really like the next event run! So we’re requesting proposals and ideas on where to go + thoughts on how to make it awesome in that city. All we need is an email to [email protected] entitled “APIStrat 2015” letting us know: The location you’d like to see the event in! Some info on the strength of the local API community. Suggestions of local folks who could help us organize on the ground. Suggestions of great venues [for around 500 people or up to 1000], with great space to hang out and work/chat. Any notable dates of local events to hook up with in the Oct/Nov timeframe. Any great local notable speakers we should consider! All this would help a huge amount so if you’d like to see APIStrat close to you next year speak up and let us know - email us by the 21st of October this year! It’s not a formal bid and you’re not making any commitments but it would be great to get thoughts and interest! Looking forward to an awesome event!
APIStrat Investor Chat
APIs are changing the way business is done, and startups are often at the forefront of that change. We’re lucky to have two experienced investors taking the stage at APIStrat for the Investor Fireside chat to dig down into how startups can leverage APIs to disrupt and how APIs affect their investment decisions. read more
APIs, Data and Adaptive Intelligence In Chicago Next Week
We hear a lot of discussion about big data, and how the intelligence derived from it is helping companies across many business sectors in 2014. At the heart of this conversation are APIs, which provide the pipes for which this data travels, but also allow it to be abstracted, analyzed and ultimately made sense of, delivering the potential value everyone is discussing. read more
Bring a Friend! 2-for-1 Tickets Available
One of APIStrat’s main goals is to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the unique discussions, experiences, and insights shared through our conference series. In order for as many people as possible to join us for the 2014 U.S. edition in Chicago, we have a 2-for-1 ticket deal for full conference passes, available through Friday. read more
Discussing The Politics of APIs In Chicago @APIStrat
There are many challenges API providers face when designing, deploying, and managing their APIs, and some of the most difficult ones go beyond just the technical, including important aspects of API operations like terms of service, privacy, security, and even the pricing, or the monetization strategy of an API platform. read more
Andrew Nacin Of WordPress @APIStrat Chicago
I am super stoked to announce that we have Andrew Nacin (@nacin), the lead developer from WordPress keynoting API Strategy & Practice in Chicago next month. We are looking to continue the conversation around an official WordPress API, scheduled for inclusion in the WordPress 4.1 release. read more
New Developer Track and Speed Hack Challenge
Calling all API developers and hackers! We’ve teamed up with WIP to organize something new just for you: the Developer Track and Speed Hack Challenge, including a special Developer Ticket. Developer Track We have turned one of our 3 conference tracks into a special Developer Track. Meet and gain insight from key API providers during the dedicated Developer Track, where you can hear great API stories from companies like: read more