Architecture, Scalability and Microservices At @APIDays / @APIStrat in Berlin Next Month

27 Mar 2015

bw-blueprintYour company is committed to APIs, now, how do you actually wire everything together, deploy the necessary architecture, and achieve the scalability you will actually need to find success. There is a lot more to delivering stable, healthy, scalable APIs than just launching your RESTful API endpoints. Come to Berlin and learn from the people who are scaling some of the most used APIs available today. Along the way, learn about the latest architecture, and approaches, from real-time to micro services.

We have four speakers, coming together with a wide range of perspectives to help you better understand API architecture, scalability, and how microservices fits into the big picture.

When it comes to the proper approach to API architecture and scalability, experience matters. Hearing stories from veterans is important to helping you craft your own strategy, avoiding common mistakes, that many companies often do not openly discuss. This is why we do , @APIDays / @APIStratto bringing practitioners together to discuss these critical aspects of operations.

The architecture, scalability and micro services session at @APIDays / @APIStrat, is meant for the more experienced API strategist looking to gain deeper experience when it comes to the larger platform related challenges you’ll face in API operations, while also looking to better understand leading technologies and approaches to APIs, ranging from real-time to microserices.