Heart Of The API Economy: Finance & Payments Talk At @APIDays / @APIStrat in Berlin

31 Mar 2015

bw-euroOne of the fastest growing areas in APIs last year, was in the payment API arena, and in 2015 banking, and other financial APIs are looking to do the same. This year its not just about payments, the discussion is across all aspects of the financial landscape, from banking to retirement planning, and market trading. One in five conversations I have about APIs lately, is with a financially focused organization, either about their approach when entering the API arena, or how to fine tune their existing approach to be more in alignment with the modern API movement.

To talk about this heart of the API economy, we’ve brought together three speakers from a perse range of companies:

We have a fourth slot, which we will announce as soon as they are approved to be published on site. Each presenter will be discussing their own view of APIs in the financial sector, with a chance for questions, and further discussion at the end.

2014 was the year banks and financial institutions were sitting on the fence, watching what was happening with APIs, and 2015 is the year that the leading banks will start making their moves. By 2020, the banking landscape will look much different than it does today, with many traditional institutions who were unable to make the change, disappearing.

Come to Berlin, this April, and learn how the leading financial institutions are putting APIs work.