Introducing Keynote: Building APIs and Backends for Mobile Apps by Mandy Waite

18 Mar 2015

We are happy and proud to introduce another keynote for APIDays/APIStrat Berlin:

Building APIs and Backends for Mobile Apps by Mandy Waite

Mandy Waite GoogleMandy is currently a Developer Advocate at Google, specializing in Cloud technologies. She acts as a bridge between Google product and engineering teams and developers, helping them to build amazing apps in the Cloud. She also draws from many years of experience working as a software engineer for Sun Microsystems where she worked on Scalability and Performance.

In her talk at APIDays/APIStrat she will be looking at the challenges especially for mobile developers, at what makes a good API, at the tools available for building your own and demonstrate the simplicity of something like Firebase. Her talk will be inspirational as well as mixed with practical demos.

Here is more info about Mandy:

Mandy works at Google as a Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform and is working to make the world a better place for developers building applications for the Cloud. She came to Google from Sun Microsystems where she worked with partners on performance and optimisation of large scale applications and services before moving on to building an ecosystem of Open Source applications for OpenSolaris. In her spare time she is learning Japanese and plays the guitar.