APIStrat 2014 - DAY 1

25 Sep 2014

Today's been a long and fun day at APIStrat! We've officially kicked our 2014 conference this morning with keynotes from Julia Ferraioli, Joshua Greenough and Andrew Nacin. We've had some mind blowing moments and a bit of API psychology:

In the afternoon we've had Steve Marx and John Sheehan from TrafficAndWeather doing their podcast live from APIStrat for the second time in the APIStrat history. Wooot?!

We've been live streaming all the keynotes, panels and fireside chats, and we'll be doing so tomorrow too. In addition to that, all the videos will be posted in a few days on our Youtube channel.

In the following days we will also be sharing all the slides from the many presentations and some photos:

Be prepared, there will be more tomorrow, including a Speed Hack Challenge!