APIs, Data and Adaptive Intelligence In Chicago Next Week

15 Sep 2014

We hear a lot of discussion about big data, and how the intelligence derived from it is helping companies across many business sectors in 2014. At the heart of this conversation are APIs, which provide the pipes for which this data travels, but also allow it to be abstracted, analyzed and ultimately made sense of, delivering the potential value everyone is discussing.

Join us September 26th for a discussion about APIs, data, and adaptive intelligence, at the API Strategy & Practice conference in Chicago. We are bringing together five leaders across very different companies who are using APIs, and data to move their companies forward in new ways:

Physical, brick and mortar retailers to stay relevant in an internet age. Even though we purchase much of what we consume online these days, the physical store will never go away, it will only evolve—these are the conversations we encourage at @APIStrat.One layer of this conversation that we felt was import to deliver, was the retail perspective. As APIs grow in popularity, they are beaming an important tool for p

Don't wait, make sure you are part of the conversation @APIStrat. There are still tickets left, and the conversations begins next Wednesday September 24th, with the APIs, Data, and Adaptive Intelligence panel the morning of Friday the 26th—get registered now!!