Berlin SpeedHack Wrap-up

28 Apr 2015

speedhack APIstratWe've hold our third edition of the SpeedHack last weekend during APIDays/APIStrat Berlin. We had a lot of fun!

We had lined up a great selection of sponsors to offer hackers nice challenges to solve. In only 3 hours hackers had to solve 9 API challenges on a variety of subjects. With about 40 contestants and despite the great weather of this Saturday afternoon in Berlin, we are sure everybody had fun.

Wifi issues gave some time to hackers to relax between coding session and play nerf battle. In fact, apart from coding there was also a lot of nerf gun shooting going on. The venue suddenlty was transformed into a war zone with people firing at each other having a great laugh.

At the end of the 3 hours time frame, we had 14 teams that have solved at least one challenge. The top three winning teams are:

  1. Ben and Max (EUR 1500.- in cash + a lot of additional swag from the sponsors)
  2. MansillaDev (EUR 250.- in cash + a lot of additional swag from the sponsors)
  3. API Scouts (EUR 150.- in cash + a lot of additional swag from the sponsors)

Congrats to the winners.

Thanks a lot to all the hackers who joined us! And a big thanks to our main man behind the SpeedHack and all his hard work to make it all possible: Nico from 3scale.

We also want to warmly thank all our sponsors: Algolia, APIdaze,, Cronofy, Firebase,, Stamplay, Twilio, Twitter.

As well as Github that offered winners Github plans, and who gave away laptop stands.

APIStrat Berlin SpeedHack sponsors

Below are some impressions of the SpeedHack. Watch this space for more photos and videos to be published soon. A first wrap-up post is here on the 3scale blog.

When and where is the next SpeedHack? You tell us :) Let us know if you want to organize one in your hometown.

speedhack-berlin photos