Public Sector APIs: API Design, Deployment, and Management For The Greater Good

17 Sep 2014

Open source software has become an important foundation for every aspect of the technology that supports the Internet, and as the API economy evolves, we need to begin to look at open models for designing, deploying, and managing APIs. The terms "open" is thrown around a lot in API space a lot, but there is a lot more "open" going on than just using the word in marketing materials.

Opening up data, and APIs across the public sector for governments, NGOs, and even API initiatives that are funded by grants and public private partnerships are more than just developing APIs for their own needs, they provide valuable blueprints, and resources that the private sector can put to use as well. Join us for a conversation about API design, deployment, and management of APIs that are designed to serve a greater good.

We are pulling together a group of API architects from government, private sector, and quasi public / private sector to discuss how APIs are affecting the landscape.

In addition to Irakli, Chris, and Nick, I have another special guest coming up that we couldn't get approval for to announce properly, but will be joining us on stage, bringing some important experience when helping build patterns that are being used across the public and private sector. Kin Lane will be moderating the discussion, bringing his experience to the table as well, to guide the conversation with the panelists.

APIs being developed in the public sector have way more potential than is evident from their immediate applications. Think of the Internet itself, and the public / private sector partnerships it has taken to develop the technology into what we know now as the World Wide WEb. This same story is being played out across areas such as public media, energy, healthcare, universities, and many more vital areas of API development, and will be vital to the overall growth of the API economy.

Join us for the Public Sector APIs: API Design, Deployment, and Management For Greater Good panel at @APIStrat in Chicago next Thursday, September 25th—registration is still open.