Picking Up Momentum in 2015 For APIStrat Berlin With 3 New Speakers

15 Jan 2015


As we enter 2015, it is time to start picking up the momentum, in preparation for APIStrat Berlin, this April 24th and 25th. We are pretty excited about some of the talk submissions we received, if you haven’t submitted yours, it is still open—submit soon! We are still processing talks as they come in, but we have three new speakers to add to the line-up.

Antti Silventoinen (@lamantiini) of Music Kickup
Jordi Romero (@jordiromero) of Redbooth
Matt Boyle (@mboylevt) of Shapeways

We are just getting going with organizing talks at APIStrat Berlin, but I think that APIs in music, project collaboration, and 3D printing is a pretty representative slice of how APIs are impacting business in 2015. Thank you to Antti, Jordi, and Matt for supporting APIStrat in Berlin this spring, and if you have a topic you think the community needs to hear, make sure and submit your talk today.