StrongLoop, Keen IO,, Webshell, and @APIStrat

08 Sep 2014

In the early days of APIs, the concept of the API mashup was hugely popular, where a developer would take two or more APIs and mash them up into a single web application, and eventually into mobile apps. ProgrammableWeb still tracks on mashups, and which APIs they consume, as a metric for which APIs are the most used across the space.

At @APIStrat we wanted to revisit the concept of the mashup, see whats changed, how things have evolved, and maybe discuss a little about what is next for the mashup. We’ve invited a pretty interesting mix of leaders from the API space, that we feel reflect taking "mashups" to the next level, to form a panel on the MainStage at APIStrat we are calling “The Next Generation API Stack”:

Kin Lane (@kinlane) will be moderating the panel, looking to discuss not just the client side of mashing up APIs, but also the potential of API providers, and API aggregators mashing up API resources, and delivering the next generation of API resources that developers are needing to build web, mobile, and even single page or Internet of things (Iot) applications.

We have a lot of expertise on this panel, and are introducing topics that speak to where we are with mashing up APIs in 2014, but we’d also like to hear from you the attendee or live stream viewer. What would you like to see discussed at APIStrat in this area? Go ahead and tweet out any ideas with the hashtags #APIStrat #StackPanel, and we will add to the list of questions I'm posing to Issac, Kyle, Antony, and Mehdi.