APIStrat Austin to Host a New Live Show From the Traffic and Weather Podcast Team

15 Oct 2015

The API podcast Traffic and Weather returns for the third time to APIStrat this November with a new show broadcast live from the event.  Hosted by John Sheehan (Runscope) and Steve Marx (Dropbox), Traffic and Weather is a witty and engaging roundup of API breaking news and current practices, with clever insights and clear pointers to must-reads across the API landscape.

Having hosted crowd-pleasing shows at APIStrat in San Francisco and Chicago, Traffic and Weather will bring their third APIstrat show to Austin. Their live podcast from our main stage gets the audience buzzing and generates great talking points and discussion amongst delegates for the rest of our event. We are excited and grateful to welcome John and Steve back again.

“Recording Traffic and Weather live is a lot more fun and interactive than recording alone,” John Sheehan told us. “It’s also nice for us to be around people and see their reactions, because we usually don’t have guests on the show. Recording live with an audience is actually exclusive to API Strategy & Practice — in fact, more than 10% of our shows will have been live at the conference! We’re really excited to keep the tradition going.”

As with their previous gigs, Traffic and Weather in Austin will include audience participation and guest interviews, and will summarize the latest coding dilemmas and business movements in a lighthearted look at the API industry.

A look at past events and shows

At APIStrat Chicago, audience members were invited to complete API-themed limericks, share insights on when an IoT API is not all that necessary (tennis racquets anyone?), and answer groan-inducing puns in a ‘Lightning Fill in the Blanks’ round of quizzes.

Aside from the fun take on all things API, Traffic and Weather does a great job of summarizing some of the latest trends and thought leadership in the API space. Their most recent podcast from April included a look at API tools that help developers build better software, an in-depth look at how Swagger’s move to SmartBear and how the Swagger community can be quantified, as well as HTTP status codes, and authentication. In the hands (or voices?) of John and Steve, some of these seemingly dry topics come alive and encourage you to dig deeper into thinking about your API code and your API business strategy.

Catch up on their previous APIStrat live broadcasts from Chicago:

and from San Francisco:

We can’t wait to see what John and Steve come up with next. Get ready to jump in and volunteer for the quizzes, and remember to bring a raincoat if you are sitting in the front row!