Customize your Cocktail at APIDays/APIStrat powered by Foodpairing

01 Apr 2015

foodpairing cocktail APIWe have something fairly unique and really cool to announce: We will have an API-driven Cocktail machine at APIDays/APIStrat provided by Foodpairing®.

Foodpairing® started about 10 years ago to support chefs in their search for new flavors. Through an algorithm that predicts good ingredient matches based on the flavor properties of the ingredients, Foodpairing was able to accelerate the recipe creation at some of the best restaurants in the world e.g. the Fat Duck (UK), Mugaritz (ES),... As this algorithm is based on a complete scientific flavor characterisation of each ingredient rather than based on the mining of existing combinations, a whole new range of never explored combinations arose. Other the last 10 year Foodpairing® created the largest flavor database in the world including taste, aroma and texture.


Since a few years, they’ve taken this one step further by generating complete recipes based on all the sensory properties of ingredients combined with mathematical principles underlying recipe creation. A deep understanding in food recipes and creative techniques used to create successful dishes enabled us to create a recipe generating algorithm that outputs great tasting dishes every time.

These more advanced algorithms are already powering applications of clients around the globe, but the output of these algorithms and the API hasn’t yet been made publicly visible… until now at APIDays/APIStrat in Berlin.

foodpairing cocktail API

Foodpairing will demonstrate their Partner API provided managed by 3scale by connecting to an automatic bartender device. During the event, everyone will be able to make their own drinks. By selecting the sweetness, acidity of your cocktail and a set of desired ingredients, the algorithms will create a completely new cocktail. The algorithm will calculate the amounts of ingredients in order to obtain the desired sensory profile in the cocktail and will add extra ingredients or remove inappropriate ingredients along the way. The result is sent to our distribution unit which will pour the drink. Definitely pass by to make and taste your cocktail.

And all that powered by APIs.


More about Foodpairing®

The Foodpairing® Company (FP) is a creative food-tech agency. Our mission is to be the science-based platform for personal food suggestions for an exciting, healthy and sustainable life. We believe that food and exciting combinations can improve the quality and joy of everyday life. We develop and operate the world’s largest ingredient and flavor database and a series of unique algorithms capable of calculating surprising new food & drink pairings. We offer developers, agencies and food companies a powerful API to power their apps in the following domains