Discussing The Politics of APIs In Chicago @APIStrat

11 Sep 2014

There are many challenges API providers face when designing, deploying, and managing their APIs, and some of the most difficult ones go beyond just the technical, including important aspects of API operations like terms of service, privacy, security, and even the pricing, or the monetization strategy of an API platform.

Many developers are equipped to deal with the technical hurdles, but some of these legal, business, or as I call them, the political challenges, can be some of the most challenging. We are going to discuss this topic in a panel at APIStrat in Chicago, in a panel we are simple calling “The Politics of APIs”, where we bring together some interesting perspectives from:

The Politics of APIs panel will be moderated by Tyler Singletary (@harmophone), Director of Platform at Klout API, and if you want to get a taste of what Tyler has planned, he wrote an great post over at medium, that I think sums up pretty well what we will be talking about.

This panel reflects exactly what @APIStrat is all about, fostering conversations about the important elements of being an API provider. The important topics that you may not hear about in the mainstream tech press, so make sure and get registered, as the conference is 2 weeks away!