Pushing The WebRTC Conversation Forward With Respoke And APIStrat

05 Dec 2014

respoke-web-communications-300x101I just finished reviewing the web communications platform Respoke, who was one of our silver sponsors who were responsible for making sure the APIStrat conversation in Chicago happened this last September. APIStrat is all about pushing forward the API conversation, with an event in the spring, and another in the fall, bringing together API leaders to discuss the topics facing the industry.

3Scale and API Evangelist started doing APIStrat to provide a forum where these vendor and product neutral discussions can occur. This is why we engage with API providers like Respoke, who bring their deep technical knowledge of web communications, and standards like WebRTC, and the stories of how they are applying APIs within their company.

Whether it is real time, voice, autos, web communications, or the any of the other leading edges where APIs are being applied, you will find it being discussed at APIStrat. Even with these great events, we want to keep the discussion going on here on the APIStrat blog, across 3Scale and API Evangelist blogs, as well as the APIStrat Youtube Channel.

You can read my review of the Respoke API on API Evangelist, and we will be looking to continue the discussion around web communications, and WebRTC, here at APIStrat virtually, and this spring for API Days Berlin and APIStrat Europe in Germany, April 24th and 25th.