Traffic And Weather Returns For APIStrat Chicago

17 Jul 2014

They are back! The geeky, highly critical, and hilariously funny duo, John Sheehan (@johnsheehan) and Steve Marx (@smarx), of Traffic and Weather are coming Chiago. If you aren't familiar with the hilariously informative podcast, that is Traffic and Weather, I highly recommend heading over to, and give  a listen.

While you are there, listen to Episode 19: Consistently Available Pizza (Live from API Strategy and Practice). At #APIStrat San Francisco, Sheehan and Marx entertained the main stage audience, with their hilarious API fueled podcast antics--live!

You can also find the video of the show, over at the #APIStrat Youtube channel, which will give you a small taste of what is to come in Chicago. We are excited to have Traffic & Weather back, helping us poke fun at the sometimes crazy world of APIs, while also make sense of some very technical topics, in a very hilarious and entertaining way.

Make sure and get registered for #APIStrat Chicago, so you can be part of the conversation this fall.